Congratulations Oz Cast!


OZ the ballet Cast List

Dorothy – Hannah Smith (Madison Lipscomb)

Toto – Kayla Keng (Abby Woods)

Cowardly Lion – Amy Lambe (Tara Bates)

Tinman – Mattie Pham (Madison Atkinson)

Scarecrow – Melodie Moore (Maria Casavechia)

Wicked Witch and Miss Gulch – Mary Stovall (Hailey Hayes)

Glenda the Good Witch – Hayley Turner

Aunt Em – Kelly Green

Uncle Henry – Trent Reese

OZ – Steven McConkie

Farm Hands- Amy Lambe, Mattie Pham, Melodie Moore

Chickens- Jaymes Parrish, Olivia Lipscomb, Kyleigh Wilson, Kensley Soffos, Elisabeth Bartholomew

Rainbow- Hailey Hayes, Elizabeth Ablondi, Alexa Cormier, Madison Atkinson, Tara Bates, Maria Casavechia, Madison Lipscomb

Yellow Brick Road- Abby Woods, Madison Lipscomb, Tara Bates, Madison Atkinson, Alexa Cormier, Hayley Turner, Alison Cecil, Emma Gifford

Poppies- Maria Casavechia, Hailey Hayes, Elizabeth Ablondi, Anne Ryan Johnston

Emerald City- Madison Lipscomb, Tara Bates, Maria Casavechia, Hailey Hayes, Alexa Cormier, Elizabeth Ablondi, Ashley Henninger (Guard), Katie Huett (Guard)

Munchkins- Emma Zond, Mary Caroline Grimes, Taylor Tinsley, Elizabeth Clark, Riley Cecil, Rebecca Dillon, Alison Cecil, Grace Harris, Kensley Soffos, Annabel Spayde, Katie Huett, William Parrack, Ashley Henninger, Emma Gifford

Winkies- Anne Ryan Johnston, Madison Atkinson, Elizabeth Ablondi, Maria Casavechia

Monkeys- William Parrack, Emma Zond, Mary Caroline Grimes, Annabel Spayde, Elizabeth Clark, Riley Cecil