Blackbird Academy of Arts, Inc. is dedicated to the idea of bringing quality arts to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.  Through our scholarship fund, partial, full, one-time, and continuing scholarships are available to Blackbird students in all areas of study.


All decisions are made by the scholarship committee and are based on the need of the individual as well as the amount of funds currently available.  In no form does the applicant’s race, religion, sex, ethnicity, or other such characteristic play a part in the awarding of scholarships.  The entire process is completely confidential and all scholarship students are given the same treatment and instruction as other students.

The scholarship process takes place two times a year, before each new section of classes (Academy Term & Summer Term).  Each scholarship recipient must reapply  if they wish to continue receiving a scholarship.  Scholarship applications are available at Blackbird Academy of Arts or may be downloaded below.  Call (501) 336-8200 for this year’s deadlines or for more information!

Scholarship Application