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Pre Professional Dance Training

The dance department at Blackbird Academy of Arts in Conway, Arkansas is designed to provide serious students with both a solid technical foundation and creative encouragement. Younger students are introduced not only to basic ideas of dance and movement, but also nurtured through a positive and structured environment.  Older students are pushed to become the finest dancers they are capable of becoming and also given numerous opportunities for not only performance, but also creating and exhibiting their own choreographic works.

Our dance classes follow a carefully considered curriculum, and all students in the Preparatory Division, Intermediate Division and Advanced Division must be able to properly demonstrate the curriculum of their current level before advancing. Class placement is solely the decision of the academy directors and faculty and may vary according to age, previous experience and technical ability. Every effort is made to place each student in the appropriate class level. It is not uncommon for students to repeat the same level in order to develop the proper strength and coordination in their feet, legs and abdominal muscles that are required for advancement and injury prevention.

Our dance classes are not meant to be simply a recreational after school activity – we are a pre-professional, performance based program with a serious focus on ballet technique. Does that mean that every student that walks through our doors will be a professional dancer? Of course not. But we seek to prepare our students in such a way that if they so chose a dance career after high school, they will be prepared.

Students will be given several performance opportunities through the year rather than just one end of the year “recital”. Our main focus  will always be on technique rather than perfecting a single dance, because while that dance will last three minutes on stage, their technique will stay with them their entire lives.

Classes offered:

Hip Hop
Dance Apprentice Program



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