Blackbird Academy of Arts offers classical ballet training through a pre professional, performance based program with a focus on technique.

Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by graceful movements and precision of movements. It employs formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Ballet technique is the foundation for other forms of dance such as contemporary, lyrical, jazz, and modern.

Preparatory Division

Creative Movement

Ages 3-5 : Helps young children develop a greater sense of rhythm, flexibility and coordination through the use of material that stimulates imagination and develops creative expression. This 45 minute class is designed to introduce children to classroom structure, musical interpretation, characterization, and creative dance while also introducing them to ballet vocabulary. The highlight is on self-discovered movement in a non-judgmental environment. Throughout the year, different movement concepts will be incorporated, such as level, tempo, energy, shapes, place, and direction. Class will also assist in  improving listening skills, group skills, and motor skills.

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Prep Ballet  I, II, and III

These classes begin preparation for formal study of classical ballet technique. They are designed as a learning transition linking Creative Movement and formal ballet training. The class is structured so that the children are exposed to a variety of rhythmical, coordination and musical exercises along with basic ballet skills appropriate for their age. This  class incorporates gentle strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as developing balance, posture, discipline, and self confidence. Throughout the year, different movement concepts including level, tempo, energy, shapes, place, and direction are introduced while improving motor skills and increasing students ballet vocabulary.

Intermediate Division

Ballet I

Classical ballet training based on a syllabus of gradual progression designed to increase ability, stamina and discipline. As levels progress, more complicated and demanding exercises occur while expanding the vocabulary of steps  and focusing on physical condition. (Minimum of 2 classes per week)

Ballet II

Students will begin to refine their overall technique into an expressive language. In this level dancers will have a good understanding of classroom etiquette and structure. They will have acquired a basic knowledge of rhythmical, musical, technical skills and vocabulary from which to build and expand. Throughout the students’ training, in these levels, ballet vocabulary is introduced gradually, allowing time for the body to build strength and grow into the technical demands of the ballet technique. While mastering new steps, students gain more control and learn how to make clean shapes and lines in their body positions through strengthening and stretching exercises. Previously learned steps are combined in more complicated and challenging ways. It is not uncommon for students to repeat the same level in order to develop strength and coordination in their ballet technique. Proper development of the ballet technique is important in these levels because they are developing the strength in their feet, legs, and abdominal muscles which is required for pointe work. When they are ready students may begin pre-pointe classes if they meet all the requirements. (Minimum 2 classes per week).

Ballet III and IV

Dancers will know classroom etiquette and structure. At the conclusion of these levels, dancers will have an expansive ballet vocabulary and be capable of executing most steps. Throughout the students’ training in these levels, they will continue to improve their ballet technique with repetition and attention to detail as well as strengthening and stretching exercises. They are able to maintain their strength and coordination with the addition of complicated and challenging combinations of steps.  This requires an intensity and completeness of work that challenges each student to expand their physical and artistic potential to the utmost limits. (Minimum 2 classes a week.)

Pre Apprentice Division

Blackbird Academy offers select students a Pre Apprentice program designed to provide a more focused instructional path.  Emphasis is placed on a complete understanding of proper technique and curriculum in classical ballet.

Placement into the Pre Apprentice Division is by invitation only.  Each individual dancer’s strengths and physical capabilities along with their consistency in attendance, self discipline and overall desire to pursue a professional career in dance will be considered.

Pre Apprentice students will take additional ballet classes and must also enroll in both a modern and a jazz class.

Core Division

Ballet Fundamentals (Beginning 10 years and up)

Adult Ballet (16 and up)

Blackbird offers beginning classes for teens and adults looking for an encouraging instructional environment.