Lyrical and Contemporary

Lyrical dance is a form using strong ballet technique in conjunction with expressive and emotional movement. Dancers work to portray the lyrics of a song and/or tell a story through their movements. Contemporary dance relies on a ballet base as well, but also has strong roots in modern dance with improvisation and originality as key elements. This genre is extremely moldable, most often taking on the style of the individual choreographer.

As lyrical and contemporary genres have many overlapping elements and are often used in conjunction with one another, we have combined the two styles into one class. Students will learn how to define and differentiate between the two genres as well as how to merge them together.

Due to the incorporation of ballet technique in both of these forms, students must take a ballet class in conjunction with lyrical and contemporary.

Prep Lyrical

The focus at this level will be primarily on encouraging students’ individual expressions. Exercises in improvisation, character development, and emotional integration will be incorporated with a variety of ballet and jazz skills.  This class is available for students ages 8 and above.

Performance Technique Division Lyrical and Contemporary

Level I, II, and III classes are offered to students in a format that continues the development of each student’s maturity of movement and their emotional connection to their content. The technical skills incorporated at this level will work in conjunction with the ballet and jazz syllabi. Improvisation, character, and emotion based exercises will still be used, but more class time will be spent on combinations and choreography. Students will also achieve an understanding of how to understand and relate to both lyrical and contemporary styles. Advanced students will be pushed to develop a wider stylistic range while also encouraged in the development of their own distinct style. Instructors will focus on helping the students develop a strong audience connection and a higher technical skill level.