The tap program at Blackbird focuses on teaching the students rhythm, tap technique, proper terminology, specific steps, and how to combine these steps into various combinations. Each class starts with a warm up, which is used to engage the muscles primarily in the feet, ankles, and legs. The remainder of class consists of learning new steps as outlined in the tap syllabus for each class level, reviewing previously learned steps, working on combinations across the floor and in the center, and learning and reviewing choreography when applicable.

Preparatory Division Tap

In the Preparatory Division of tap, students are introduced to basic tap steps and sounds and introductory rhythms. Throughout the year students will begin to combine these steps into various combinations, and work to make steps faster with clearer sounds.  There will be an emphasis placed on learning and remembering the proper terminology for the steps and techniques learned.

Performance Technique Division Tap

In this division, students will continue to learn and use rhythm and counts along with steps to start working in various speeds and styles.  An emphasis is placed on using correct terminology and proper technique and sounds.  Performance skills are encouraged at this level.

Adult Tap

This is a great class for adults wanting to try something new, pick up old skills, or just keep moving!