At Blackbird Academy of Arts we understand the significant role that music plays in our society and wish to encourage the development of budding musicians. Students will be taught correct terminology and proper technique, but will also be encouraged to branch out to discover their own musicality.

As a part of our program, each student will leave their time here with a grander appreciation for music and the skills needed to carry their musical abilities into whatever stage they so choose, whether it be singing professionally, conducting a church choir, or simply enjoying the practice of playing the piano in their own home.

Private Music Lessons

Our music faculty teach both private and semi-private lessons in piano, guitar, violin, and voice.  Before beginning lessons, the instructor speaks with the student and parents to talk about the student’s goals and what they hope to get out of their lessons. Instructors also keep in close contact with parents throughout the year in order to keep everyone on the same page and make the most out of lessons.

Homeschool Music Enrichment Classes

We offer weekly music classes in conjunction with our homeschool arts enrichment program during the Academy Term.  These classes are designed to first and foremost provide a solid foundation of musical training. Our goal is for all of our music students to have a full comprehension of the fundamental elements of music, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, and pitch as well as an understanding of the components of artistic performance.

Singing for the Stage

In this class students will be coached in voice techniques as well as basic movement for use on the stage.  Whether your singer is simply wanting to gain confidence for vocal performances or explore the world of musical theatre, this is a perfect opportunity!

Music & Movement

This 45 minute class incorporates creative movement exercises and games with basic music concepts to get your little ones moving!  Students will explore different types of movements that encourage balance, coordination, and flexibility, all the while learning about rhythm, sound, and music.

Check out our Class Schedules page for current class offerings.