Visual Arts

At Blackbird we believe that a visual arts program should create a safe place for students of all ages to explore and express their own artistic self.  Projects and instruction are teacher led, but the work of students is their own to create. The dedication of all Blackbird art faculty ensures that, even in a group setting, instructors are able to use art to guide each student’s individual social, intellectual, emotional and creative growth.

Art Explorations

In addition to developing the fundamental elements of art, class projects introduce and reinforce techniques for a variety of art mediums including collage, drawing, painting, clay, relief printing, water color,  stamping, sculpture and more.  Each project introduced is appropriate to the age and skill level of the student group.

The projects and experiences each week are crafted to encourage students to discover the power of art as a method of communicating thoughts and emotions and to appreciate the historical and cultural contributions art has made to our world.  While technical development is important, the emphasis as each art material is introduced is on encouraging students to interpret and experiment with their own ideas of art.

Technique Classes

Six week courses will be offered throughout the year that focus on specific areas of art such as drawing, painting, or 3D.


Opportunities for 6 week or 1 day workshops are made available throughout the year for students to explore the art of clay hand-building and ceramics.

Homeschool Art Enrichment Classes

These weekly classes are taught in conjunction with our Homeschool Arts Enrichment program. Similar to our Art Explorations classes, students will be introduced to a variety of skills, techniques, and genres, with projects designed with the class age and skill level in mind.

Check out our Class Schedules page for current class offerings.