Beginning Sewing is designed to take a student through the basics of hand and machine sewing. Over the course of the year the students will create numerous small projects aimed at increasing their knowledge and proficiency in basic sewing. Skills will include buttons and button holes, zippers, and basic quilting. The class will begin with hand sewing basics, and will gradually progress to the machine. Past projects have included felt pillows, stuffed toys, pillow cases, drawstring bags, pajamas and clothing. At the end of the year students are able to display their work in runway type showcase for family and friends.

Intermediate Sewing is designed to reinforce basic skill and take the student into more complex hand sewing techniques and machine sewing. New skills introduced will include making and using bias tape, how to sew with different types of fabrics, and the beginnings of garment construction. At the end of the year students are able to display their work in runway type showcase for family and friends. Students must have completed Beginning Sewing or have prior sewing experience.


 Class Schedule & Tuition Rates:

2014-2015 Academy Term Sewing Schedule

2015 Summer Camps