Ms. Carrie



Cast List


Alice – Hannah Smith (Tara Bates)


White Rabbit – Melodie Moore (Madison Atkinson)


Queen  of Hearts – Hayley Turner


Mad Hatter – Todd Richard (Mary Stovall)


March Hare – Tara Bates (Hailey Hayes)


Door Mouse – Elizabeth Ablondi (Maria Casavechia)


Caterpillar – Rachel Wells


Knave of Hearts – TBD


Cheshire Cat – Katherine Parrack, Tara Adams, Olivia McConkie, Maddie Grace Burford, Ashley Henninger, Olivia Bowls, Mary Dean Johnston, Hunter Norris


Duchess – Trent


Cook – Kelly Green


Alice’s Sister – Hailey Hayes


Frog Footman – Amy Lambe


Fish Footman – Madison Lipscomb


Little Mouse – Sasha Neilson


Dodo Bird – Mary Stovall


Duck – Hailey Hayes


Lory – Madison Atkinson


Eaglet – Alexa Cormier


Mock Turtle – Maria Casavechia


Bill the Lizard – Rachel Wells


Pigeon – Abby Woods


2,5 and 7 Cards – Amy Lambe #5, Madison Lipscomb #7, Alexa Cormier #2


Axe Man – William Parrack


Flowers – Maria Casavechia, Madison Lipscomb, Alexa Cormier, Amy Lamb, Anne Ryan Johnston, Mary Stovall, Katherine Beasley, Madison Atkinson


Card Corps – Madison Lipscomb, Alexa Cormier, Amy Lambe, Hailey Hayes, Mary Stovall, Maria Casavechia, Anne Ryan Johnston, Katherine Beasley


Flamingos – Sasha Neilson, Rebecca Dillon, Grace Harris, Jay Parrish, Elizabeth Bartholomew, Emma Gifford, Allison Cecil


Hedge Hogs – Scout Anderson and Mary Caroline Grimes


Cupcakes – Taylor Tinsley, Annabel Spayde, Riley Cecil, Olivia Lipscomb, Selah Bentz, Kensley Soffos